We develop mobile/desktop/web/VR games, as well as game stands for
non-standard requests. We also help businesses solve problems using gamification.
Turnkey game development
Our portfolio includes several offline and online events with an audience of 150 to 1500 people. These are conferences, festivals and game jams for beginners and industry professionals

We organize developer events with world-famous speakers, masterclasses from experts, round tables and streams with specialists
Our team is engaged in the development of educational programs and also teaches disciplines related to the development of video games

Our staff supervises the gamedev department at IThub college, which has over 200 students

In collaboration with Skillbox, we have developed and recorded an online course that includes Unity development, game, and narrative design, and 3D modeling

We organize and conduct corporate training in game development
Our team consists of more than 80 professionals, including specialists with 15 years of experience in game development

We are not afraid of complex tasks and are always ready to translate the client's idea into
an interactive game form

We develop architecture and documentation, write code, design gameplay and UI, create
2D / 3D graphics and music / sound

We also carry out full-cycle orders, "turnkey games"
DEVELOPMENT & Gamification
What can we do?
Our projects
The 90s
A strategy card game based on resource management mechanics, commissioned by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia. The project is being prepared for release

You are the mayor of a small Russian city in the dashing nineties. Tackle in the stream of turbulent historical events, there are no simple and unambiguously correct solutions here

Platforms: iOS, Android

Full development cycle: game design, game logic, 2D graphics
Brightville Incident
3D Adventure / Stealth set in the US during the '80s, currently in development

Platform: PC, consoles

A schoolgirl endowed with psychic abilities (and love of comics) accidentally lets a monster from another dimension into our world. But this is just the beginning
An educational economic game about a development of small business on the case of a shawarma chain. The game is currently in development

Platforms: Web, Google Play

Full development cycle: game design, game logic, 2D, 3D graphics, sound design

A farming simulator with elements of resource management based on blockchain technology

Platforms: Web

Conception, design, development of mechanics and game logic
A game commissioned by Bubble to promote a movie "Major Grom: The Plague Doctor"

Platform: web, iOS, Android

Concept, design and development, sound design
Petrik Studio: graphics and animation
Word Battle
Casual 2D game about building communication between employees of various departments of an IT company

Platforms: Web, PC

Full development cycle: game design, game logic, 2D graphics
The world through the eyes of others
An educational game that allows you to try on the peculiarities of the vision of various animals via virtual reality

Platforms: VR

Full development cycle: game design, game logic, 3D graphics
Educational interactivities for schools
Interactive tasks that allow a child to learn educational material through games

Platforms: Web, Mobile

Full development cycle: game design, game logic, 2D graphics, animation
Game for the Volta telegram bot
Gamification of the socio-psychological Telegram bot for summing up the personal results of the past year

Platform: Telegram

Development of the style and plot of the game, repackaging tasks into a game form
An AR-game for the public organization ECA ("ЭКА" - from Russian "ecology"), distributed among schools and universities to improve students' environmental awareness

Platform: iOS, Android

Full development cycle, including mechanics and game logic, augmented reality system with markers (IRL), UI, 2D and 3D graphics
Games for the ECA organization from the "Mission" series about environmental topics like waste recycling, plastic packaging rejection, the harm of waste in the world's oceans. Five games in total

Platform: iOS, Android

Full development cycle, 3D modeling (stylized low poly) and 2D graphics
A web game runner to promote Skillbox courses during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.Platform: web browserFull development cycle, 2D graphics, animation

Platform: web browser

Full development cycle, 2D graphics, animation
A PC project that simultaneously serves as a local server for an Android application. This is a visual simulation in which players can feel like they are in the cockpit of a spaceship controlled via tablets

Platform: PC, Android

Full development cycle
Educational projects
Course “Game design: making games, exploring the profession”
A course for schoolchildren 14-17 years of age

During the course, participants got acquainted with 3 areas in game development: game design, Unity development and digital art. The participants were divided into teams and, with the support of the curators, developed their own game projects, which they presented at the final offline defense in Moscow

The partners of the course were the “Practices of the Future” Circle Movement and the Learniti Bureau from the developer A101

Offline course on VR Unity development in Kazan
A course for schoolchildren 12-17 years of age

The course explains the basics of the Unity game engine, students learn the aspects of VR development and apply the acquired skills to develop their own game project

The course was held in partnership with XReadyLab and the Unber School in Kazan

Course “Unreal Engine for Narrative Designers” for NARRATORIKA
Together with Narratorika School of Screenwriting and Narrative Design, we created a course on the basics of Unreal Engine

In this course, students learn the basics of working with the Unreal Engine game engine, its interface, and functionality for creating game levels. Students also learn the Blueprints visual programming language for writing simple mechanics and UI

Unity for Narrative Designers Course for Narratorika
Together with Narratorika, the School of Screenwriting and Narrative Design, we have created a course on the basics of Unity

In this course, students learn how to work with one of the most common game engines, study the settings of camera, physics and UI, the mechanics of movement and interaction with environment, create locations and game dialogues
Roblox course for Children's Radio (Gazprom-Media Holding)
Course for children from 7 to 12 years old

The course explains the principles of developing video games in the Roblox editor, teaches the basics of creating game locations and objects, as well as plot elements
We created a gamedev specialty at an IT college where we teach students C# development, working with Unity engine, game design, teamwork and project management, 3D modeling and tech art

Classes mainly consist of laboratory work with a decent amount of practical tasks

Each semester, students are engaged in the development and subsequent presentation of team game projects

Now we have more than 70 students from the 2nd to the 4th grade, the best of them work in our studio
We developed the program and recorded a course of 36 online modules (40 to 80 minutes per module) about Unity development, narrative design, documentation writing, teamwork, and 3D modeling
Gamedev events
Global Game Jam
For two years in a row we have been hosting an international offline 48-hours game development event: we gather well-known speakers and a jury, organize a space for comfortable work, develop branded merchandise, and lead a group of volunteers
An event dedicated to Unreal Engine game development, hosted in Technograd (Moscow)

We gathered speakers, experts in their fields, made a lecture shedule, prepared auditoriums and the necessary equipment, supervised a volunteer group
The event was held with the support of Skillbox

Unreal Day Moscow
We started and organized an online festival for game developers, combining the mechanics of a game jam with an online conference and master classes

The festival was hosted 2 times, lasted a month and finished at the DevGAMM online conference, where we announced the winners of the nomination and presented gifts from sponsors

We have worked a lot with partners and sponsors to ensure that each nomination has a company that will support it with prizes

One of the special features of the event was the Development Diaries. Participants who regularly filled them out were awarded the tickets to DevGAMM

The number of participants reached 1500

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